Listopad 2018

Happy Birthday, dear Tobi!!

21. listopadu 2018 v 8:30 | IvčaSammet |  Messages for T
I am an asshole, right?
Instead of posting to my blog the whole year for people who actually visit my blog, I post ONCE in a year and it's a wish for a happy birthday which Tobi will never ever see :D
Yeah, good job, Ivuš, good job!

My introduction from the last year remains the same ... This article is a tradition of 8 years now (HOLYSHIT!) and not posting this would mean the death of this blog. I KNOW Tobi will never read this, so posting this is a waste of time and space ...

My dear Tobi, I wish you the happiest of birthdays, a huge success with Moonglow, lots of love and HEALTH! Especially health! Please take care of yourself and stay positive!
I wish you the inspiration never stops flowing, I wish you to enjoy composing and touring as much as you do now.
I know this time it's short, but I'm pretty sure that's all you need ♥

See you at the tour! ♥

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