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Happy 40th Birthday, Tobi!!

21. listopadu 2017 v 10:00 | IvčaSammet |  Messages for T
Another pointless article, 7 years of wishing you a happy birthday on this blog, while you're never going to read this ... But what would I become to break this tradition?! This blog is not as active as it used to be, so not posting this article would just confirmed its funeral …

This year I only want to wish you one thing: please, take your time. Gain strength. Just relax, don't push yourself anywhere you don't want to! We will wait for you. People will understand. I just hope you will fight this, whatever it is, and I hope you will win. I really don't want to lose you, not as a composer, not as a musician, not as my inspiration and absolutely not as a person.

I don't say those words out loud to you anymore, because I know you don't like this and I know your thoughts about me must be really bad, BUT I'm going to say this one more time: I love you. I love you as an inspiration who changed my life. I love you as somebody who taught me so much. I love you as somebody who pushed me to travel all around Europe without fear. I guess those words will probably backfire on me, but I don't care. You won't read this and I really don't give a single fuck about what my haters say … If they want to make a stalker out of me and you believe them, fair enough …

But hey, cheer up, lad, seize the day, it's your birthday today! Just don't worry about the "big" number, it's JUST a number! We're all growing old equally, believe me, you don't want to stay forever young! :P


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