Listopad 2016

Happy Birthday, little genius!!

21. listopadu 2016 v 8:00 | IvčaSammet |  Messages for T
There we are again :)
Yes, I know you will never read this and I know it's just absolutely pointless to spend my time writing this, but as I already mentioned in previous years, it is a tradition ... I've started this in 2011! Even though my wishes are the same every year, I would feel like killing my blog if I wouldn't post this article ...

So ... Again, I wish you to enjoy you day as much as possible! Just relax and don't think about your job at all ;)
Of course I wish you only the best - health, lots of love and albums with the same success as Ghostlights had! I wish you to fulfill all your dreams - professional and personal ... I really wish you luck with Bruce Dickinson on the next Avantasia album, but ... That's a little bit too early to talk about new Avantasia :D
I just wish you that the next year of your life is going to be at least as successfull as this one was, hopefully even better :) Simply, I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ♥

I also take this opportunity to thank you for what you have done for me in the past year ... I may have been depressed, I may had a lot of troubles in my life, but you made this year the best year of my life! THANK YOU!

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