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Days of Rising Doom [Flight of Torek, Rebellion]

The Source
[CD1: The Day That the World Breaks Down, Sea of Machines, Everybody Dies, Star of Sirrah, Run! Apocalypse! Run!
CD2: Aquatic Race, Deathcry of a Race, Into the Ocean, Planet Y Is Alive!, Journey to Forever, The Human Compulsion

BK3 [I'm the Animal]

The Legend and the Truth [Mluvená část March to Destiny]

The Wizard Queen [The Resurrection]

Eternity [Chór]

XXX - Three Decades in Metal [Making Headlines, Stranger in Time]

3 [Brothers]
The Best is Yet to Come [Brothers - Live]

Freedom Rock [Black Night]

Help! For Japan [Help!]

Into the Light [Dirty Wings]

Rage of Fire [The Fortune]

New Era [Heroes, Glorious and Divine]
EP [Heroes, We Are Magic]

Rain of a Thousand Flames [Chór]

Holy Hell [Move On]

Ritual [Pride]
RituAlive [Sign of the Cross, Pride]
DVD RituAlive [Sign of the Cross, Pride]

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