Happy Birthday again, Tobi!!

21. listopadu 2015 v 9:20 | IvčaSammet |  Messages for T
It's unbelievable how time is running fast ... It's already a year since I wished you a happy birthday personally at Winter Masters of Rock! Anyway, my wishes are still the same ...

I wish you to enjoy your day as much as possible. I wish you to be healthy and safe. I wish you many, many success with Ghostlights and Edguy & Avantasia in general. I wish you to finally get Bruce and Steve to Avantasia. I wish you to have this energy you have now for another fifty years, at least. I wish you the best music ideas still keep flowing. I WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

And even though you are never ever going to read this, I still have a need to post this here :) It's the fifth year I'm doing this, so obviously, it's already a tradition :)

And by the way, don't worry about getting old ;) We are all aging ... No one is ever going to avoid it! ;)

I love you!


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