Spasibo moi russkiye druz'ya

16. února 2015 v 17:55 | IvčaSammet
So firstly, I really hope that the headline is not wrong. Secondly, I am sorry that the headline is not in azbuka, but I am not really sure if Blog knows azbuka :D

And now the main reason of this article ... SPASIBO!!! ♥♥♥ 100 Russians on my blog!! That's so awesome!! :) It means really a lot to me! :) Really, I'm glad that you like Tobi so much that you're looking for blogs in languages you don't understand ... Thank you so much much for you support!!! :)

And the last thing, I really hope you like my "new" dessign ... I know it's not that new now, the old one was here for a pretty long time and a lot of people knew my blog only because of the design :D

So thank you so much & I hope you will keep visiting! :)


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