Happy 37th Birthday, Tobi!!

21. listopadu 2014 v 15:54 | IvčaSammet |  Messages for T
And there we go again ... Time is running so fast! It's like yesterday I heard Edguy for the first time ... In 2005 ... Just unbelievable!

So, I am going to wish you what I wish you every year - health, money, Bruce Dickinson & Steve Harris in Avantasia, another 50 years with Edguy and the other things that people say during shaking your hand ...

I am so happy, that this year I can give you a little gift ... Well, I would give it to you anyway, but this time it will be the real B-Day gift, not just stupid wish! I can't wait to see you tomorrow!! ♥ I am listening to Space Police album for two weeks without stopping! Yes, I am so thrilled!! :3

Well, even though you are never going to read this, I love you more than anyone else ... You changed my life ♥ Thank you! ... Thank you for being who you are!




1 Tajemná Temnota Tajemná Temnota | E-mail | Web | 24. listopadu 2014 v 20:36 | Reagovat

Jee on už má zase narozeniny? A vypadá pořád fakt dobře!

2 IvčaSammet IvčaSammet | Web | 1. prosince 2014 v 20:46 | Reagovat

[1]: Vypadá dokonale :3 ♥

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