Happy 37th Birthday, Tobi!!

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And there we go again ... Time is running so fast! It's like yesterday I heard Edguy for the first time ... In 2005 ... Just unbelievable!

So, I am going to wish you what I wish you every year - health, money, Bruce Dickinson & Steve Harris in Avantasia, another 50 years with Edguy and the other things that people say during shaking your hand ...

I am so happy, that this year I can give you a little gift ... Well, I would give it to you anyway, but this time it will be the real B-Day gift, not just stupid wish! I can't wait to see you tomorrow!! ♥ I am listening to Space Police album for two weeks without stop! Yes, I am so thrilled!! :3

Well, even though you are never going to read this, I love you more than anyone else ... You changed my life ♥ Thank you! ... Thank you for being who you are!




30. října 2014 v 14:35 | IvčaSammet
Dear God!!!

200 Brazilians on my blog!!! ... Unbelievable! Yeah, well, actually 218 Brazilians, I know, sorry for writting so late :(
Anyway, OBRIGADO! It's so honour! Brazil is my third fav country, right after Germany and England ... But no one cares, right? :D
I know Tobi loves Brazil and Brazilians so much and I can see, that Brazil and Brazilians love Tobi! Thanks for visiting my blog!!! I really hope that you like my blog after reconstruction as much as you did before! ;)

Eu amo todos vocês!! ♥


22. října 2014 v 17:24 | IvčaSammet
:O 900 Deutschen! Ich habe keine Worte!!

Jetzt nur 100 Deutschen und ... Aaaa! Wunderbar! :3 Danke!! Dankeee!! ♥ Ich liebe euch!
Nah ... Ja, ich weiß, ich schreibe immer die gleichen aber ich kann nichts anderes :D Töte mich!! :D Mein Deutsch ist schwerer als Tobis Tschechisch :D :D Jaa, ich weiß ...

Aber jetzt ernstlich ... Danke! ♥ Danke für alles!
... Und ich hoffe dass ihr gefallt mein neues Design! :)


12. října 2014 v 13:43 | IvčaSammet

I'm speachless!!!! 1 000 Americans?!?! Unbelievable!!! I remember how happy was I when there was 1 000 people ... But 1 000 Americans? ... That's ... Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you so FUCKING much!!!

But this also means that you got to 'the second level' :P Now I am going to thank you until there will be 2 000 Americans ... But, actually ... Now I believe that it won't last very long :D You, guys, are here literally every day ... And that means so much for me!! Really ... I am so happy, that you, Americans, love Tobi so much that you keep visiting MY blog even you don't understand a single word ... So, do you want me to write in English, too? :D I am not saying that I can perfectly write in English, but it's still better than Czech, right? :D

And my last question for you ... DO YOU LIKE MY NEW DESSIGN? :)

¡Gracias mis amigos españoles

6. října 2014 v 19:06 | IvčaSammet
So again, firstly, I am really sory if the headline is wrong! :)

And secondly ... Gracias!! ♥♥♥ You can't even imagine how much this means to me!! My blog visited 100 Spanish now! I can't believe it! :D Thank you so much for your support, I fucking love you!! :) So hope you like new look of my blog! ;)

BTW: Sorry, didn't find better photo :(